Vancouver Train Expo Model Contest

For the 2018 Vancouver Train Expo, we are adding a new contest for those interested. Since railways form a large part of the history and ongoing development of Metro Vancouver, to celebrate this we are inviting people to create either a diorama or module for a layout that is themed on railways in Metro Vancouver. We have many things to choose from, e.g. CP Rail facilities, CN facilities, SRY facilities, Skytrain, West Coast Express, and many waterfront terminals served by rail. These suggestions are not the only possibilities. It is suggested that photos be used to support the theme, as not everyone will be able to recognize the site, especially if an earlier timeframe is the basis for modelling (BC Electric anyone?)

There are two categories: diorama, or module

A diorama will be limited to the size of 12” x 24” (maximum), and will be displayed on a set of tables with the other entries in this category with an identifying number A module for one of the exhibitor’s layouts is also eligible, and will be part of the second category of display. Size will be relevant to the exhibition layout If included in an attending layout as a module, it will be identified with a number for voting by the attending public Voting will be over the two days of the show, and all entries must be in the show hall no later than Friday November 9th The winner(s) will be announced on Sunday afternoon before the show ends. Modellers do not have to be present to win Prizes are yet to be determined…